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Baby Face Bryant
Species: Seahorse
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Nationality: American
Professional Information
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Assignment: Babies"
Voiced by:
Brian Doyle-Murray

Baby Face Bryant is a man who was disguised as a baby that used Oscar and Bea as a ploy to rob Bea's house in the episode, "Assignment: Babies". He was caught by Oscar and arrested at the end of the episode.


His only appearance was in "Assignment: Babies". When Mr. Baldwin was giving one of each of his children to his students for an assignment, Baby Face Bryant was in the pile of babies disguised as one of them. He got given to Oscar and Bea as partners. Baby Face Bryant acted like a baby quite well, fooling Oscar and Bea for the first half of the episode. Oscar first sees Baby Face Bryant when he happily agrees to sleep at Bea's house for the night to take care of the baby. He walks into Bea's kitchen in the middle of the night when he sees a light being turned on and sees the baby making itself a sandwich. Baby Face Bryant tells Oscar, "You're dreaming. Go back to bed." Oscar tells Bea that the baby talked, but she doesn't believe him and scolds him for giving the baby a sandwich. The next day, Oscar apologizes and brings a teddy bear to give the baby. He walks into Bea's room where the baby is sleeping, but overhears Baby Face Bryant talking to his business partner on a phone about how great Bea's place is for stealing stuff. Oscar busts him, but Baby Face Bryant just acts like a baby again. Oscar tries to get Bea to believe him again about Baby Face Bryant, but she kicks him out of the tank. Oscar finally gets Baby Face Bryant to speak in front of everyone when Baby Face Bryant says, "Knock it off, you meathead!". Baby Face Bryant escapes after everyone sees him speak and tries to crash a baby train. Oscar fights Baby Face Bryant on the train and he is finally arrested at the end of the episode.



  • Baby Face Bryant's attitude and behavior is quite similar to Stewie Griffin from Family Guy.