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Species: Bass fish
Gender: Female
Age: 62
Professional Information
  Hokey Poke waitress
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Fish Sleepover Party"
Voiced by:
Tress MacNeille

Bassy is the waitress in the Hokey Poke.

Personal Life

Bassy was first seen when Oscar and Milo tried to hatch up a plan to get to Bea's party, but they cannot think in a empty stomach so they go to the Hokey Poke Diner. When they finished eating, Bassy handed out their checks. Oscar thanks her and says he likes her new hairstyle. She says it's not a new hairstyle, it's a growth, and she swims away crying ("Fish Sleepover Party"). Oscar, Milo, Bea, and Esmargot ordered Flake Shakes, so Bassy gave it to them. When Milo was desperate to get money, he revealed that Bassy has feet. When Chief told Milo they don't need help when he needed a job at the Hokey Poke, Bassy showed Chief how many customers there were at the Hokey Poke ("Dollars and Fish").

How many customers at the Hokey Poke

When Chief was making a sandwhich at the Hokey Poke, he threw it to Bassy, who gives it to the customer ("Peopleing"). Bassy helped Chief make a commercial for the Hokey Poke by holding the camera. When Chief asked Bassy how many more people are in line for the audition, she told him that Bea's the last one ("Bea's Commercial"). When Milo is looking for a girl to be Oscar's secret admirer, he suggest that it could be Bassy, but Oscar says no ("Oscar's Secret Admirer"). During Oscar's Guy's Night Out, she served them drinks ("Guy's Night Out"). Bassy appears as a judge for the fish beauty pageant show, and when Bea states that she wants to marry Brandon Bubbler, Bassy claims "who doesn't" ("Little Fish Sunshine").

Background Information