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Bea's Birthday Surprise
Bea's Birthday Surprise.png
Milo accidentally kidnaps Brandon Bubbler so he and his friends try to escape.
Season: 2
Production code: 215b
Story by: Maxwell Atoms
Derek Evanick
C.H. Greenblatt
Noah Z. Jones
Diana Lafyatis
William Reiss
Disney Channel US premiere: November 9, 2012
Paired: Fish Lips Sink Ships (production)
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It is Bea's birthday and Milo has once again forgotten to buy her a gift, so he makes a promise to get her the greatest present of all time, a lock of Brandon Bubbler's hair. He sets out with Oscar, Albert and Jumbo to find Brandon and fulfill his promise.

Episode Summary

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Snake says that her and Mouse ought to get their band back together. Mouse tells her that they never had a band, and Snake tries to remind her — she played the drums and Mouse played the guitar. Mouse tells Snake that she likes to hit things, and asks her if she's sure that she did not play the drums. Snake corrects herself, saying that Mouse is right because she used to sing. Mouse tells Snake that it is all coming back to her, and asks Snake why they broke up. Snake starts to sing, which reminds Mouse about why they broke up. She also announces that the reunion tour's off.


  • No Way, It's Your Birthday


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Running Gags

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  • Cart-wheels

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Background Information

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  • The Cute album is only one word when vinyl.
  • Milo's cheek was slapped but in the next scene, it was gone.
  • Oscar also knew he has a compost. In other shots, the compost changes colors.




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