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Bea Becomes an Adult Fish
Bea in a suit.png
Season: 1
Production code: 104a
Broadcast: 7
Story by: Jacqueline Buscarino
Disney Channel US premiere: October 15, 2010
Paired: "Fish Out of Water" (October 15 - present)
"Doggonit" (production)
Itunes: i=395474284&id=388709996
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Bea Becomes an Adult Fish is the first half of the seventh episode of the first season.

Episode Summary

Bea decides to grow up and get a job working for Fish Flakes, Inc., but realizes she misses her old carefree life. Meanwhile, Oscar and Milo get mistaken for her children at her office and get sent to a daycare with a bunch of baby fish.

End Credits

Snake tells Mouse that she wants to be a fish when she grows up. Then, she is seen the fish tank, wearing a helment, saying, "Wow, dreams really do come true!" after that, all the fish in school run away, screaming.



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Running Gags

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Memorable Quotes

Background Information

  • This is the first time where only one main character has a major role.


  • When Bea goes in the nursery and gets the baby fishes of Oscar, she shouts "Quiet!" but her lips do not move.
  • When Clamantha gives Bea the "thumbs up," Clamantha's tongue has fingers but for every other episode of the series, it has none.
  • In the scene of Bea with her makeup, Shellsea was one of the shocked people in the crowd however she did do the makeup for her.





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