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Bea Stays in the Picture

Bud's Pets is a store run by Bud in Green Bay, WI in which the fish tanks that make up the world of Fish Hooks are contained. It contains many animals to buy: fish, birds, ostriches, turtles, spiders, bears, alligators, snakes, scorpions, horses, guinea pigs, bulls, ferrets, frogs, rabbits, gerbils, geckos, ants, rats, raccoons, hamsters, monkeys, mice, butterflies, cats and dogs. The listing of what his store sells besides pets also changes accordingly with each episode's plot. Despite being a pet store however strangely enough no one is shown buying anything there at all making it all the more mysterious as to how it says in business.


  • Prices aren't known right now but snakes and rats are $1.49. Based on this, many of the animals should be fairly cheap and affordable.



The owner of Bud's Pets.



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