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Don't Let the Fish Drive the Party Bus
Season: 3
Production code: 313a
Broadcast: 22
Disney Channel US premiere: February 21, 2014
International debut: TBA
Paired: Surfing the Interwet
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Milo is throwing the party of the century, but the party gets a little out of hand and the fish have to deal the craziness of a runaway party bus.

Episode Summary

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Memorable Quotes

Fish Vartan: Yeah, I'm Fish Vartan. We have many fine hooba foods for you to enjoy. would you like the hooba junior, the hooba-dooba, the double hooba-dooba, or the grand pooba-hooba with cheese?

Shellsea: I don't know, I just want a bunch of burgers.
Fish Vartan: No, no, no. Please, please, please. You tell me which hooba you choose-a.
'Shellsea: Those are stupid names. I'm not gonna say 'em.
Fish Vartan: But you have to.
Bea: Can't you just giver her a burger?
Fish Vartan: But if you don't say the hooba name, I don't know what button to press. It says I can only either press the "Hooba junior" or the "Double gooba-dooba..."
Shellsea: I don't care. Just press a button.
Fish Vartan: But-- but-- which button?
Shellsea: Any button!
Fish Vartan: The uber-hooba?
Shellsea: Yeah.
Fish Vartan: The hooba junior.
Shellsea: Yeah.
Fish Vartan: The hooba-dooba?
Shellsea: Yeah.
Fish Vartan: The double hooba-dooba?
Shellsea: How about a "Hooba-cares-a"?
Fish Vartan: Ooh, that's the hooba-special!

Shellsea: Do a burger-hooba!
Fish Vartan: Hooba-dooba!

Shellsea: (Babbling)
Fish Vartan: Hooba-dooba!
Shellsea: (Babbling)
Fish Vartan: Hooba-dooba! Hooba-dooba! Hooba-dooba, hooba dooba...
Shellsea & Fish Vartan: (Jabbering Indistinctly)
Bea: Shellsea, come back to me!
Shellsea: Bea, I need your help. I've been pulled into the vortex. I'm drowing in this whirlpool of hooba. help me!
Bea: Hold on, Shellsea. Finberley's working at Taco Face. She'll know what to do. Finberley!
Finberley: Hola, Bea, Amigo.
Shellsea: Finberley, you have to help. Shellsea got sucked into the whirlpool of hooba.
Shellsea: Looks like it's time for a manager override.
Shellsea & Fish Vartan: Hoova-dooba, hooba-dooba, hooba-dooba.
Finberley: (Battle cry)
'Fish Vartan: Hooba-dooba, hooba-dooba, hooba-dooba...
Finberley: I override you!
Shellsea: You did it, Finberley.
Bea: (Gasp) and look! Fish Vartan is reset.

Fish Vartan: Hello, I am Fish Vartan. How may I help you?
Jerry: What you got in the way of burgers?

Fish Vartan: Would you like the hooba junior, the hooba-dooba, the double hooba-dooba? or the uber-hooba, or their grand pooba hooba, hooba-dooba, hooba-dooba...
'Jerry: (Babbling)
Muscle Fish: Hey, yo, Jerry's doing the spins. That's good cardio. Hey! hey, hey.
All: Hey, We'll have what they having.
Fish Vartan: Well, we've got the hooba burger, the hooba junior.
All: Hooba-dooba, hooba-dooba, hooba-dooba, hooba-dooba, hooba-dooba...
Fish Vartan: (Chuckles) Yeah!
Shellsea: Oh, no! It's the whirlpool of hooba!

All: Whoa! (Screaming)

Background Information

Production Information

  • This is the first episode to have different end credits, instead of Snake and Mouse.



  • One of the guys is wearing the same cowboy hat Bea wore in "Cattlefish, Ho!".
  • Shellsea's love for burgers


  • Hoobastick is a pun on the band Hoobastank.

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"Bea Saves a Tree"
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