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Doris Flores Gorgeous
Season: 1
Production code: 103a
Broadcast: 4
Story by: Jacqueline Buscarino
Disney Channel US premiere: October 1, 2010
Paired: "Underwater Boy" (production)
Fail Fish (2010-present)
Itunes: i=394193219&id=388709996
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A girlfriend... then I won't have to worry about going on dates or being single.

— Oscar

Oscar creates a fake girlfriend, Doris Flores Gorgeous (played by Tiffany Thornton), when he thinks everyone else at Freshwater High is dating, but things go wrong when Milo and Bea want to visit her in Fish Niagara Falls, forcing Oscar to see just how far he's willing to go with his lie.

Episode Summary

The episode starts when Bud is playing with his toy car. Then it cuts to Freshwater High while the word 'Monday' appears on the screen. Oscar gets bummed out when Bea starts dating all different boys. So, Oscar makes up a fake girlfriend named Doris Flores Gorgeous, who lives in Fish Niagara Falls. So, When Milo and Bea think Oscar is depressed about Doris living all the way in Fish Niagara Falls, they drive all the way there to see her. It appears that Doris is real, but Oscar breaks up with Doris, saying that he looks for someone who connects with him. And after Oscar floats offscreen. Turns out, it was just Clamantha in a costume. And by the time they noticed Milo was missing, Milo had already stuck his head in a barrel and went down the waterfall. Then it cuts back to Freshwater High the next day, when Oscar is packing all the stuff he pretended that Doris made into a box that's labeled "Doris' Stuff" when Bea comes over to ask Oscar if they wanted to hang out sometime. Oscar asks her if she has any dates, and she says that she did, but she gave the boy a raincheck so she could spend some time with her friends. Then Milo comes over to them sitting in a wheelchair in a full body cast, saying that he's in too since he can't do anything. Then they all laugh, and because of Milo's broken body, he gets hurt a little more as the episode ends.


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Running Gags

Bud's Pets &...

Dating Service

Memorable Quotes

Milo: Say, Oscar, how big do you think that pipe is?

Oscar: Uh, I don't know. Maybe as wide as a fish head?

Milo: Hm... Yeah, that's what I was thinking.
Milo: So, you think anyone's stuck their head in that pipe before?

Oscar: Uh, probably not, bro. There's no good reason for someone to do that.
Milo: Hm...
Bea: Hey, guys.

Oscar, Milo: Milo still looking at the pipe Hey, Bea.
Milo: Yeah...about lunch today... Finberly appears

Oscar: So now YOU'RE rain-checking me to go on dates?

Milo: Yes.
Oscar: I can't date you because... I... I already have a girlfriend! Gasps

Oscar: A girlfriend... then I won't have to worry about going on dates or being single. Yeah. Uh, sorry Clamantha. I completely forgot that I have a girlfriend. Laughs, leaves

Clamantha: I'll get that kiss someday, Oscar!
Oscar: Doris Flores Gorgeous, the girl in my head - I mean, of my dreams.
After Oscar explains why Doris can't visit
Bea: Poor Oscar and Doris, torn apart by expensive bus fare.
Bo Gregory: I use this truck to haul dirt; you can use it to haul love.
Bea: I am going to write a pop song about this!
Milo: And I am going to have a flute solo!
Milo: Say, guys, do you think anyone's tried fit their whole head in one of those barrels before?
Oscar: Good bye, Doris Flores Gorgeous. swims away

Doris unzips and Clamantha comes out

Clamantha: Told you I'd get that kiss some day, Oscar!
Milo: Hot dog! falls down the waterfall

Bea and Oscar watch, they wince when a crash is heard

Milo: Ow.

Background Information

  • Some reasons that Clamantha knows about Doris is that either Clamantha was eavesdropping, Clamantha was told about Doris, or she was Doris in a disguise.
  • In iTunes this episode is called "Dolores Flores Gorgeous".
  • The spanish title for this episode is "Doris Puerta Suelos" which translates to "Doris Door Floors".
  • First time any of the characters kiss.
  • This is the first Oscar-themed episode.


  • Dan Chovie wears a tie in this episode.
  • Even though Doris was really Clamantha in disguise, Milo and Bea shoud've seen this, since they went away to leave Oscar alone, They, along with Oscar, should've heard Clamantha as well.




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