Doris Flores Gorgeous
Species: Betta fish
Gender: Female
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Doris Flores Gorgeous"
Voiced by:
Tiffany Thornton

Doris Flores Gorgeous is a girlfriend that Oscar made up when he didn't want to be single, because of Clamantha. She came out at Fish Niagara Falls, and there, she apparently was Clamantha in costume.


Just as Oscar described, she has golden hair, is purple, is five fish feet tall, big red lips, a red dress, and a heart-shaped birthmark on her arm.


Background Information

  • She will probably never appear again since it was just Clamantha dressed up as her. However, you could see her in the opening theme, sitting down in the audience next to Steve Jackson at Bea`s audition. What`s odd is that Clamantha, who is Doris, is seen in the audience too, so it is unknown if it is her.
    • However, Clamantha could be secretly controlling her Doris costume like a puppet.
  • When Clamantha is cutting Shellsea's picture out of the yearbooks in Fish Talent Show, Doris` picture appears in one of them. This could be Clamantha (as Doris) merely having her picture taken.