Dr. Frog teaches multiple electives and art-related classes at Freshwater High. Since he is a frog, he needs to take a breath every minute or so.


He is very optimistic, humorous, cheery, and bright to his students. He has taught journalism, woodshop, poetry, French, and cooking. He often floats in the water.

Personal life

He admits he runs a hard journalism class, and that Bea is the only one who is in it. His catchphrase is "What?!".

Dr. Frog also teaches poetry. After Esmargot read her poem about bunnies, Dr. Frog said bunnies are "totally radical" and that her poem was amazing. After Oscar read his dark poem and left, Dr. Frog called Albert Glass up to be next ("The Dark Side Of The Fish"). He said that he stopped teaching jornalisum and started teaching woodshop. Finberley came up to him and asked him how to use a machine, and Dr. Frog said he couldn't answer her question ("Two Clams in Love").

Dr. Frog is shown to also teach French. He asked his students once how to say hello in French. After Oscar gave an incorrect answer, Steve Jackson said that the answer was "bonjour". Dr. Frog gave Steve an A+ for his answer. Later, when Oscar became perfect after putting on Steve's hair gel, he received perfect grades in French class from Dr. Frog ("Hairanoid"). 

Dr. Frog also teaches cooking. He says the most important thing is licking the beaters, and to make sure you turn them off first. When Jocktopus needed a pizza, Dr. Frog made everyone put on their pizza-making mustaches, and said stuff with an Italian accent. He then said the first step to making a pizza was calling Jocktopizza ("Jocktopizza").


Bea Goldfishberg

Dr. Frog has a good relationship with Bea, partly because she was the only student in his journalism class ("Baldwin the Super Fish").


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