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Employee Discount
Employee discount.png
Season: 1
Production code: 120b
Broadcast: 39
Disney Channel US premiere: September 30, 2011
International debut: September 18, 2011 (Family Channel, Canada)[1]
Paired: "Fish Talent Show"

On the night of the school dance, Bea has asked Milo to look after her dress for the evening while her tank is getting cleaned. Although, Oscar and Milo fight and get the dress ripped, so they go to the store to find a "replica", that cost a thousand fish dollars, so they work at the store to make money.

Episode Summary

End Credits

Mouse opens a Lemonade Stand, and Snake is her only customer, and they both don't know what money is.



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Running Gags

Bud's Pets &...

  • The additional service next to the sign at the beginning.

Memorable Quotes

Bea: Umm, where's Oscar?

Milo: I'm supposed to tell you he's at the gym. He doesn't really want you to know he's actually free-form role-playing with Jumbo and Albert. (Laugh!) What you need him for?
Bea: Well, no offense or anything, but I just might feel more comfortable if Oscar was in charge of this.
Milo: Wait, so you don't think I'm responsible enough to watch your dress?!

Bea: (Nervous laugh) No! No! That's not it. I just, uh...well, yeah, that's kind of it.

Background Information

  • Goof: Milo, Oscar and Bea return the dress to the store, althogh at the checkout, the sign says no returns

Production Information



  • The stores Carla's Secret and Fishever 21 is a parody of Victoria's Secret and Forever 21.



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"Fish Talent Show"
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