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Fake Oscars
Species: Half-Betta Fish, (possibly half-catfish)
Gender: Male
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Tale of Sir Oscar Fish"
Voiced by:
Jeff Bennett
Rob Paulson
Justin Roiland


"Fake Oscars" is the name given to a huge group of fish by Milo in "The Tale of Sir Oscar Fish". They all look similar to Oscar.

Personal Life

When Milo, Bea, and Ron tried to find Oscar, they run into different kinds of fake Oscars. They first find a Cyclops Oscar who has one eye. They then find a Oscar with sunglasses and a tongue sticking out. Then they find a fake baby Oscar. Now, they found hundreds of Fake Oscars, but they are close to the real Oscar who is battling the Dragon Fish. All of the Fake Oscars help Oscar defeat the Dragon Fish, as they form a swarm of Fake Oscars to chase the Dragon Fish, and sent it to hit a stop sign and collapse. The Fake Oscars finally cheer Oscar for defeating the Dragon Fish.

Background Information

  • One of the fake Oscars who look most like the real Oscar is the cyclops Oscar, as the only difference between those two is that the fake has one eye and real has two. Although, the cyclops Oscar still has braces.
  • When the cyclops Oscar was first found, he had all teeth with braces. But when he said "Pick Me" later in the episode, he only had braces on his bottom teeth. Then, when all the fake Oscars went up to the dragon, he didn't have braces on.
  • The only fake Oscar with a known name is Ron.


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