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Fish Flakes Employees
Fish Flakes employees.jpg
The Staff
Species: Fish
Gender: Male and Female
Professional Information
  Fish Flakes, Inc. employees
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Bea Becomes an Adult Fish"
Voiced by:
Fred Tatasciore
Noah Z. Jones

The Fish Flakes employees are people who work in Fish Flakes, Inc..

Personal Life

When Bea decided to work at Fish, she meets a bunch of employees. They all welcome Bea at first, but Bea later notices that they are disgusting and boring. The most known employee is Worker 1, who told Bea the work they needed to do was paperwork, and also told her about pie day when the company gives out free food once a month. When they all held a meeting, Bea was chatting with Worker 3, but he kept telling her to shush. Another worker handed Bea paperwork. Before Bea quit her job, a worker panicked that they were all out of sharpened pencils ("Bea Becomes an Adult Fish"). Barb is seen in the background when Milo, Oscar, and Bea do their first attempt at seeing Mr. Baldwin was a superhero ("Baldwin the Super Fish"). While Milo, Oscar, Bea, and Mr. Mussels were flying on the bird, one of the workers were seen in the group of fish that were looking out the water at them flying ("Flying Fish"). Barb and other employees were seen when Milo was telling everyone about his pretend party ("Pamela Hamster Returns").