Freshwater Bounce
Freshwater Bounce menu
The opening menu for the game.
Release date:
Autumn 2010
Playable characters:
Usable objects:
Power Plunger
Sea Sponge
Invincibility Bubble
Collectable objects:
Power Plunger
Blue Sea Star
Red Sea Star
Invincibility Bubble
Freshwater High

Freshwater Bounce is the third "Fish Hooks" online game. The aim of the game is to jump from plank-to-plank and try to reach the top.


At Freshwater High, it's the first day of track team try-outs. Coach Salmons tries to get the students to move their fins by getting them to participate in a jumping challenge. You have to choose which character to jump from planks of wood to reach the top. There are three types of wood, the blue-painted moving wood, the brown-painted easily-cracking wood, and ordinary wood. You must avoid Jocktopus and his fellow bullies from pushing you to the bottom. If you jump on a turquoise-coloured sponge or a buff wheel, you are travelled to a higher plank of wood. Bea, Milo and Oscar are playable characters.


Freshwater Bounce menu
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