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Guys' Night Out
Guys' Night Out.png
Song by Boys
Length: 0:41
Oscar, Milo, Albert Glass, Jumbo Shrimp, Bo Gregory, Ice Pick and Student Council chronology
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Guys' Night Out is a song from "Guys' Night Out".


Boys: It is a "Guys' Night Out" tonight!
Milo: Oh yeah!
Oscar: Oh yeah!
Boys: It is a "Guys' Night Out" tonight1
Albert Glass: Oh right!
Ice Pick: Oh Yeah!
Boys: Hanging out just not dudes
No girls allowed, We're being crude.
Don't talk about out to more,
Don't wanna know. Tonight's about fun hanging with my bros.
Jumbo Shrimp: Face painting!
Oscar: More fun!
Milo: Video game!
Oscar: More fun!
Albert Glass: Laser Tag!
Oscar: More fun!
Jumbo Shrimp: Roller Coaster!
Oscar: More fun!
Jumbo Srimp:Skydiving!
Oscar: More fun!
Albert glass : Tatoos!
Oscar: More fun!
Bo Gregory: Gecko Roman Wresestling?
Hot dang
Oscar: More fun!
Hanging out just the dudes.

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