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Halloween Haul
Haloween Fish Hooks.png
Everyone in their costumes.
Season: 2
Production code: 203a
Broadcast: 40
Writer: Tim McKeon, Meghan McCarthy, Nick Confalone and Neal Dusedau
Story by: Darin McGowan
Written by: Tim McKeon, Meghan McCarthy, Nick Confalone and Neal Dusedau
Disney Channel US premiere: October 7, 2011
Paired: Parasite Fright (premiere)
Milo on the Lam (production)

It’s Halloween in Freshwater and the scene is set for a night of frights and fun. There is only one hit — Jocktopus. To avoid the constant pummeling and candy stealing that he brings to the night, the gang takes their trick-or-treating tactics outside of the tanks and into the pet store for an adventure.

Episode Summary


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Running Gags

Bud's Pets &...

  • Used Candy

Memorable Quotes

Oscar: What's this?

Bea: A comment card. I'm trying to perfect my performance in the horror genre, and I'm looking for feedback.
Oscar: Oscar checks "no" Sorry, Bea. You're just not as scary as Milo.

Milo: I'm a fish-wearing sushi!!
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Background Information

  • In the first promo, Shellsea and Oscar's voices sounded different; however, in the second promo, Oscar has his normal voice back so it should be noted that this was just an effect for the promo.
  • This is the first time the fish meet Snake and Mouse personally.
  • This is the first episode where Mouse and Snake appear outside the end credits, not counting Mouse's cameo in "Hooray for Hamsterwood."
  • It is revealed that Jocktopus has been stealing people's candy the past Halloweens, and that he has been stealing food from (possibly) the past Fishgivings.
  • A pun in this episode is that one of the fish is a zombie, or rather, a "ZomBea."
  • The costumes seen through to episode with the major characters are:
    • Milo dressed as a sushi (unknown in flashback).
    • Oscar dressed as a cowboy (king in flashback).
    • Bea dressed as a zombie (cat in flashback).
    • Koi dressed as a horse bottom shared with Finberley.
    • Finberley dressed as a horse top shared with Koi (witch in flashback).
    • Clamantha dressed as a punk rocker (though she did not know it was Halloween).
    • Albert Glass dressed as a wizard (pilot in flashback).
    • Steve Jackson dressed as a shirtless werewolf (parody of Twilight's Jacob Black).
    • Esmargot dressed as a ghost.
    • Shellsea dressed as the bride of Frankenstein.
    • Jumbo Shrimp dressed as an owl.
    • Randy Pincherson dressed as a pirate.

Production Information

  • This is the first Halloween episode.


  • When they were out of the tanks about to go trick-or-treating, they did not appear to have water suits on, so it does not seem like they could breathe.



  • Steve Jackson's costume "a shirtless werewolf when there isn't a full moon" is an obvious reference to Jacob in the Twilight Saga.


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