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Independent Woman
Bea in a suit.png
Bea in the song.
Song by Unknown
Genre(s): Show tune
Length: 1:05
Previous: None
Current: Independent Woman

Independent Woman is a song from "Bea Becomes an Adult Fish", when Bea is acting like an adult and the song describes her new life as one.


Bright lights, big city
Who knew life could be so pretty?
Hey there, yea you
Anything's possible
Your dream's coming true!

You're an independent woman
With your eyes on the prize
Ain't nothing's gonna stop you
Cause there's stars on your eyes

Making deals, you do what you wish

Bea: Principal Stickler, I need to get Milo and Oscar out of school. No it's okay, I'm an adult.

With your friends by your side
You're a freewheeling fish

On the corporate jet
That's how we roll!
Bea: Hold my calls, Deb
Away we go!

(Background Music)
Mr. Baldwin: Take me with you, I need a new job!

You're an independent woman
It's your world now
Ain't nothing's gonna stop you...
Your new life is...

Background Information

  • This song is sung in second-person format.
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