Fish Hooks Wiki

List of Songs (by Episode)

Season 1

Bea Stays in the Picture Never Coming Out
Fish Sleepover Party Sleepover Rap (Eat Dip)
Fish Out of Water Friends
Underwater Boy Freshwater High Cheer
Bea Becomes an Adult Fish Independent Woman
Queen Bea School Dance, Oscar, I Wanna Be Queen
Fail Fish Final Exam
Funny Fish When You Smile
Dances with Wolf Fish The Perfect Roomie
Dropsy! Tropical Paradise
Big Fish Be Inspired
Dollars and Fish U + Me = Luv, Money
Flying Fish Fishy Dreamers
Two Clams in Love Now That I (Don't) Have You
Legend of the Earth Troll Then You Take, Gear Up, The Earth Troll Way
Pamela Hamster Returns You and Me
Milo's Big Idea Hey!
We've Got Fish Spirit We Can Do It Together, Cheer-Off Anthem, Simply the Best, The Clams
Good Times at Pupu Goodtimes Can't You See Me, The Real Bea?
Oscar Makes an Impression Good To Be the Queen, Mr. Mussels' Rap Battle Song
Fish School Musical Potatoes, Because of Me, The Great Potato's Song, Dream Train
Employee Discount Shop!

Season 2

Banned Band I Love Play That Kazoo
Merry Fishmas, Milo Christmas Party, Magic
Milo on the Lam Shake Your Tail-fin
Break Up, Shake Down Boys Could Be Boys, Girls Could Be Girls
Bea Dates Milo Rainbows In My Tummy
Send Me an Angel Fish Go Fish
Guys' Night Out Guys' Night Out
Busy Bea: Rise of the Machines Busy Bea
Little Fish Sunshine Snap Girl (Step Through), Passion, End the Contest
So-fish-ticated Dance, Shake and Swing
Milo and Oscar Move In Me, You and You
Brothers' Day Brother Love is Magic
Milo's Magical Shake Nuh-uh (No, No, No), Milky (My Shake)
Fish at Work Today's the Day
Fish Lips Sink Ships Oh My Bea
Bea's Birthday Surprise Dance, Dance, No Way, It's Your Birthday
Get a Yob! Lunch Lady
Fuddy Duddy Study Buddy Come On and Dance, I Wanna Dance
Fish Flakes Thing of Beauty, This is Me and I Own It
Principal Bea In Charge
Koi Story Fish Hooks songs - Fierce (I'm the Best Fish)
Super Extreme Grandma Games to the Max You're the Champ
Fish Prom So Excited For Prom, Gettin' Ready, Right By Your Side

Season 3

Everything but the Chicken Sink Light the Darkness
Live at the Hamsterwood Bowl Puppy Love
Bye Bye Bea Bea Freshwater Is my Home town
South Pafishic On The Pafishic Islands
Labor of Love I Love Catfish, Please Say You'll Stay
Assignment: Babies Be My Baby
The Brandon Bubble Teenager life
Jocktopizza Drivin' Around
Camp Camp Camp Camp (song)
Bea Saves a Tree Part of Tree
Brothers of a Feather Stay Beneath my Wing
The Big Woo Fish Amore