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Little Fish Sunshine
Little Fish Sunshine 1.jpg
Season: 2
Production code: 208b
Broadcast: 63
Disney Channel US premiere: July 6, 2012
Paired: "Send Me an Angel Fish" (production)

After Bea and the girls enter the Little Fish Sunshine pageant in order to meet pop sensation Brandon Bubbler, Milo offers to put his baby pageant experience to good use and coach Bea to victory.

Episode Summary

The story begins where Bea and the girls didn't think she did that well in the evening gown competition, as the contestant that went after her got an "Oooh", and she didn't. Bea told Mr. Mussels that her biggest wish was to marry Brandon Bubbler, and then said that it was really world peace - both statements getting a low mark from the judges. Bea panicked and said something else that upset Ms. Lips. She ended off swimming off into the dressing rooms crying. Bea had put too much makeup on and floated dazed onto the stage. She sat down onto the seat of the piano, and then blacked out, falling onto the keyboard of the piano. Milo told Bea that to win, she had to be cute, which no talent judge could resist. When it was Bea's turn, she came onto the stage holding a giant lollipop and wearing a dress, completing the young child look. Bea then pulled a rope, and the curtains were pulled aside to reveal animals from the pet store behind her, by using a duck, a cat, and a rabbit, wearing a 'fish-bowl' around their heads so they could breathe. Everyone in the audience started taking pictures, which panicked the three animals. However, but when the animals gets a bright light flashes from the camera, this is causes the three animals to be carnivore. They ran riot around the fish tank, causing everyone to flee. The duck, the cat, and the rabbit tries to trap everyone in the room, of the pageant. Brandon Bubbler's bodyguards left him, and the duck was about to stand on him before Bea swam upto the duck and managed to hold the duck off with her lollipop. The other animals then find the duck, next into the end of the wall, and Bea is about to stop both of them in the end of the wall, and Bea is start to catch them, in the wall. She also managed to corner the animals, making them crash out of the hotel, before Bea is start to catch them, in a second time ago, on it. The episode ends once the winner was crowned, Milo apologized for what happened, but Bea's spirits were lifted when she received a letter from Brandon Bubbler thanking her for saving his life.




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Background Information

  • This episode was aired on Disney Channel on Demand on June 29, 2012.

Production Information


  • The viewer can hear cheering for the girl that comes on stage after Bea in the gown competition, but no-one is cheering in the shot.
  • At one scene, Clamantha had her lips white. But on another scene, her lips are red.
  • When Bea comes onto the stage, and Clamantha rolls off into the dressing rooms, she is wearing pink lipstick.
  • When the scene cuts to the message received by Bea from Brandon Bubbler, she is reading the message to Milo and Oscar despite not opening her mouth.




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Previously produced episode:
"Send Me an Angel Fish"
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"Bea Sneaks Out"
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"Oscar is a Playa"
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"All Fins on Deck"