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Species: Fish
Gender: Female
Professional Information
  Lunch lady
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Get a Yob!"
Voiced by:
Mindy Sterling

Lunchlady Latoda is a foreign overweight lunchlady at Freshwater High.


She speaks with a German accent.


She was born in a cafeteria, and sometime in her life, she moved to the area surrounding Freshwater High. She was fired from her job at Freshwater High once when Milo put one of Oscar's hairs in his food and told Latoda it was hers and that he should get the food for free. Unfortunately, Principal Stickler and Nurse Fishington were nearby and Principal Stickler asked Milo what they were talking about. Milo told Principal Stickler how he found a hair in his food, which prompted him to fire Latoda. She became upset, and Milo, feeling guilty, helped her find another job. Milo, Bea, and Oscar realized that all Latoda wanted to do was be a lunchlady, so they took Latoda, in disguise, to the lunch lady tryouts at the school. Latoda presented her dish, gray mush, which prompted Sticker to re-hire her because he enjoyed the same dish when he attended the school as a child. Latoda came out of disguise too quickly, and because of this, Stickler decided not to hire her. After Milo told Principal Stickler that it was Oscar's hair in the food, and not Latoda's, she was re-hired and Oscar was "fired." As punishment, Milo was ordered to peel an excessive amount of onions ("Get a Yob!")