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Ms. Lips
Fish Lips Sink Ships 149.png
Species: Squid
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Hometown: Bud's Pets
Professional Information
  Freshwater High School Counselor
  Freshwater High
Friends and Family
Her and Mr. Baldwin's 100-200 seahorse babies.
Love interests:
Mr. Baldwin (fiancé)
Pets: Attila (catfish)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Pamela Hamster Returns (Non-speaking cameo)
Voiced by:
Jennifer Coolidge

Ms. Lips (Lulu Latoya Lips) is the school counselor of Freshwater High. She is a recurring character in the series.

Personal Life

Lulu Latoya Lips (her full name being revealed in "Labor of Love"), is a squid woman who works at Freshwater High as the school counselor and occasionally somewhat of a teacher ("Fish Lips Sink Ships"), though it's unclear how often she teaches classes. Ms. Lips is not very intelligent, gets easily confused or tricked, and is shown to be spacy and not ever paying close attention to the situation at any given moment. This is most apparent in episodes like "Fish School Musical," "Principal Bea," and the aforementioned "Labor of Love."

In "We've Got Fish Spirit," her first speaking appearance, Ms. Lips is having a talk with Jocktopus before Oscar comes to Ms. Lips' office. Oscar gave Ms. Lips his transcript, and she was impressed with it, so she gave him some stickers. Oscar asked her if he could get into a good college, and Ms. Lips told Oscar to join some school clubs in order to get into his perfect college. After Oscar implies that he has no plans to join a club, she reminds him of the option of going to a lower rank college, "Mediocre State." She tells him that she went there and she turned out to be "just fine," implied to be a lie. Later in the episode, Ms. Lips was seen in the audience watching the "All-Species High School Cheering Squad."

Ms. Lips was watching the "Potatoes for Winter" play sitting next to Coach Salmons. When Jocktopus, who was playing the part of "Beastopus," got stage fright and didn't say anything on stage, the whole audience was staring at him. Ms. Lips said that she felt uncomfortable, only to notice she was sitting on a tack ("Fish School Musical").

When Oscar and Milo worked at Carla's Secret to receive the money to buy Bea's dress, Oscar came across Ms. Lips, who told him that she wanted a blouse that will fit her size. When Oscar asked her what size clothes she wears, Ms. Lips said she thought she was a '2. In the changing room, Ms. Lips tried to put the blouse on her, but it didn't fit. Ms. Lips told Oscar that she left her purse at home, but he pointed out that she was already holding her purse. At the school dance, Mr. Baldwin gave Ms. Lips a hat he was forced to buy from Oscar and Milo. Ms. Lips put on the hat, although it ripped once she put it on, and she skipped into the school. Mr. Baldwin's crush on Ms. Lips was hinted when he replied "What a doll" at Ms. Lips skipping inside the school ("Employee Discount").

When Oscar and Milo got tangled in their puppet strings, they went to Ms. Lips' office. Bea also went there to get some guidance from her. When Oscar told Ms. Lips to get scissors to cut the string, she got out her scissors and destroyed some stuff on her desk with it ("Fish Talent Show").

Human Ms. Lips

Ms. Lips was seen giving Bea life advice, only for Bea to ask Ms. Lips why she asked her to come to her office. Ms. Lips told Bea that she wanted her to babysit at her house that night. Bea told her that she always went out on Friday nights, and Ms. Lips said she hadn't been out her house on a Friday night in so many decades. Even though Bea didn't really say "yes", Ms. Lips trusted her to babysit her house while she took her pottery class. Bea brought Oscar and Milo to Ms. Lips' house, who seemed to have put on makeup for her night out. Bea asked Ms. Lips where her baby was, and Ms. Lips told them that he sometimes gets scared when he hears the doorbell, and that he was probably hiding under her bed. Ms. Lips then introduced her catfish, Attila. She thanked Bea and left. Later on, Attila ran away from the house, so Bea disguised Milo as a catfish to fool Ms. Lips for a while. Ms. Lips actually fell for their plan, so Bea and Oscar went out to find Attila, despite Ms. Lips trying to ask if they "want (their) ten cents" as payment. Bea and Oscar brought Attila back to Ms. Lips' house, and they confessed what happened. Ms. Lips forgave her and gave her the poorly made pot she made in her pottery class ("Adventures in Fish-Sitting").


Mr. Baldwin

Mr. Baldwin proposing to Ms. Lips in "Labor of Love."

It's unknown how well Ms. Lips already knows Mr. Baldwin before he asks her on a date in "Fish Lips Sink Ships," but chronologically, their first date was in "Employee Discount," when they went to a school dance together. Baldwin has a hard time telling Ms. Lips how he feels about her, so it's unlikely they've had much casual conversation before he asked her out. After they begin dating in "Fish Lips," the couple are seen together in the background of several episodes. Ms. Lips seems mostly oblivious to Baldwin's awkward behavior around her, and the only reason she initially turned his date offer down was because of her dislike for coffee. When she says she likes Mexican food, and Baldwin offers that, she says it sounds "wonderful." It's rumored, by a pair of students, that Baldwin has actually known Lips since 1986, though this is neither confirmed nor denied.

In "Labor of Love," Ms. Lips seems to be completely unaware of Baldwin's intentions to propose to her, despite his very obvious anxieties. But he seems equally unaware of her plans to travel to Flip Flop Island. Even so, the photos at the beginning of the episode show that they've spent a lot of time together and have gone on several dates after "Fish Lips." When he, saying everything spoken to him by Bea, says that he "hates that stupid catfish" (upon Lips taking Attila from her bag), she dumps him on the spot and slaps him so hard he loses the engagement ring. She is later seen doing other vacationing activities while saying she'll "never forgive him," but accepts his proposal at the end of the episode, saying she "had no idea." She coaches him through the very sudden delivery of his babies. However, Lips still seems oblivious as ever when her last line in the episode is about their future wedding: "Can I be Best Man?"

Later on, in "Hats Amore!," she and Mr. Baldwin go to the Freshwater Downs so he can meet her parents. Despite that her parents only say the phrase "we don't like him" on repeat, she tells Baldwin to ignore them because "they don't know what they're saying," and doesn't seem to recognized how upset by this her fiancé is. Initially she is unfazed and even excited to see Baldwin join the seahorse racing, but becomes concerned for his wellbeing after he has a "tail blowout." It's later revealed that her parents don't speak any English except for that one sentence, and otherwise they speak a strange gibberish language. The episode ends with Ms. Lips carrying Baldwin off the track and saying that her parents "think (he's) pretty cool," to which Baldwin responds that he loves her.


Ms. Lips and Attila

Attila is Ms. Lips catfish, who she refers to as her "baby," to the confusion of many. She prioritizes her relationship with her cat, and his feelings, over anyone else's, as shown in multiple episodes, though primarily "Adventures in Fish-Sitting" and "Labor of Love." Even so, Attila isn't particularly nice to her. He scratches her, destroys her computer, and Lips even mentioned he ran away from her at one point, taking a bus to do so ("Surfing the Interwet" & "Brothers' Day"). The only signs that he does love her is in "Fish-Sitting," when he rubs up against Bea when she's dressed up as Ms. Lips, and in "Labor of Love" when he claws at the robot prop to get to Milo, who was also dressed as Ms. Lips.

Coach Salmons

Ms. Lips is often seen going to events with and sitting by Coach Salmons in different episodes, primarily "Fish School Musical" and "Principal Bea." It's not implied how close they are or aren't, but they appear to be friends. It could have been implied in "Fish School Musical" that they were on a date, but this wasn't ever confirmed or denied. They are seen comforting each other when the other person is upset, but show no other signs of a romantic connection. Coach Salmons is also very overtly "queer coded," and has a very close relationship with Mr. Mussels, to the point that they even live together ("Hats Amore!"). Mussels and Salmons relationship was more or less confirmed in the series finale.

Her Parents

Lulu Lips has a mother and a father, both squids, both of them without names, that made their appearance in "Hats Amore!". They also don’t speak English, with the exception of the (rather plot convenient) phrase “we don’t like him,” and otherwise speak a strange gibberish language. It's referenced in many episodes before "Hats Amore!" that she has a strained relationship with her mother (though that isn't seen in the episode itself). Ms. Lips has stated that her mother told her at one point that she "wasn't pretty enough," though pretty enough for what is not stated ("Pool Party Panic"). Lulu also blames her mother for making her “so gosh darn tall” ("Adventures in Fish-Sitting") though the irony is that both of her parents end up being shorter than her.

They are also voiced by Jennifer Coolidge.

Her Offspring

Mr. Baldwin and Ms. Lips holding a few of their newborn babies.

After the events of "Labor of Love," Ms. Lips is, for all intents and purposes, the mother of Mr. Baldwin's kids. Though she’s never been directly referenced as their “mother.” She seems overjoyed by the babies, and tells Baldwin after they're born that she's always "wanted just tons of kids" and that their babies are "so beautiful." This episode aside, however, she's never shown caring for the babies solo, like Baldwin so often is, and only showed up in reference to the babies twice: "Don't Let the Fish Drive the Party Bus" and a wordless cameo in "Camp Camp."

In "Party Bus," it does seem to be important to her not to let Baldwin ever "disappoint" their children, and does refer to them as "our babies." But she still genuinely believes the babies set up the demonstration themselves, and doesn't give Baldwin a chance to explain that Milo's behind the whole thing. It's unknown if she would have been given more time with them had the series continued.

Background Information