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"I like you, like, Like-like you... More than friends! I've always liked you. You're so special to me..."

Oscar's Confession (The Big Woo)

The Oscar and Bea's relationship (in fandom, known as OscBea or Beascar) is both the romantic and platonic pairing of the two main characters in Fish Hooks, Bea Goldfishberg and Oscar. They're best friends, but Oscar is secretly in love with her and Bea didn't know for a majority of the series. In Season 3, after the Season 2 finale "Fish Prom", they both seem to have the same romantic feelings each other. In the final episode of Fish Hooks, ("The Big Woo"), Oscar and Bea admitted their feelings for each other and they kissed at the end of the episode.

Oscar's Opinion of Bea

Oscar and Bea launching

Oscar saying him and Bea should hold hands for safety.

Oscar has a secret crush on Bea and also has a shrine made up of pictures of her in his locker ("Bea Stays in the Picture"). His confession of his crush slips out multiple times, ("Happy Birthfish, Jocktopus, The Tale of Sir Oscar Fish, Fishing For Compliments: The Albert Glass Story, Just One of the Fish, Fish Prom, Camp Camp") and he has tried to ask Bea out twice, but got scared and changed the subject. Another time, he ran away before saying anything ("Happy Birthfish, Jocktopus").

Also, it seems that only when he's very concerned with something else is he able to overcome his shyness towards her ("Dollars and Fish").

When Bea was in her locker, Oscar appeared with a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates, but he got so scared and nervous that when Bea saw him, he ran away, saying, "WHAT?!" ("The Tale of Sir Oscar Fish").

It appears to be Oscar's dream for Bea to be his girlfriend ("Flying Fish").

He even envisions her asking to marry him upon receiving his diploma from college if the future turns out the way he wants it to ("We've Got Fish Spirit").

Oscar said to her that she is talented, intelligent, so pretty and beautiful,

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Oscar hiding the pictures of Bea in his locker.

but he quickly changed the subject, because Bea was confused. ("Just One of the Fish")

When Oscar found out that his brother was dating Bea, he screamed and fainted with sadness. ("Bea Dates Milo")

Though he was dating Angela, Oscar was shown to still have a crush on Bea and still felt very strongly towards her at the time. In one episode, when Bea was questioning Oscar, he mistook it for her hitting on him, blushing and sweating a lot, becoming very nervous. Even though he turned down the offer because he was already with Angela, he put his head down and cried when she left ("Oscar is a Playa"). When Bea, Milo and Oscar were hidden in Oscar's locker from Nurse Fishington, Oscar still had some of Bea's pictures there, and when Bea almost saw the pictures, he quickly put up a picture of Angela, laughing nervously. ("Principal Bea").

Bea asking Oscar to marry him at his college graduation in his vision of a perfect future.

When the trio found out that Mr. Baldwin had a crush on Ms. Lips, Bea wanted to tell Ms. Lips, but Oscar told her, "If you like someone, don't tell them... You wait and hope that something just happens. You just... wait", referring to his crush on her. ("Fish Lips Sink Ships"). Oscar did not like the fact that Bea had a date with Steve Jackson at prom. When the boys arrived at Bea's tank, Bea appeared on the stairs elegantly to Oscar, and he watched her lovingly until Steve Jackson appeared and his face changed to one of confusion and disappointment. At the prom, his girlfriend, Angela (one of her last appearances), had brought a video game to the dance, to Oscar's dismay. At one moment, Oscar turned off the video game and asked her to dance with him just once, but accidentally called her "Bea", making Angela upset. After Angela broke up with Oscar, Finberley announced the last dance of the night, and Oscar noticed Bea crying and followed her to the Hokey Poke. He told her that she will not go without a dance for the night and offered to dance with her. When Oscar apologized for this and told her that he always came off weird, Bea denied it and happily agreed to dance with him. Oscar was happy to dance with Bea, even at one moment considering telling Bea about his crush on her, before Bea shushed him and kissed him on the cheek. For Oscar, this was the best prom ever ("Fish Prom").
H8e8t (1)

Oscar's fantasy of his first kiss with Bea.

Oscar invited Bea to a "date" at a Chicki Fromaj concert and she agreed, but unfortunately, she invited all her friends, much to Oscar's disappointment. ("Live at the Hamsterwood Bowl")

Oscar admitted to Bea that he didn't like to talk about her relationships without saying why. ("Camp Camp")

In the Algae Day, although Oscar doesn't like the hamster shows, he agreed to watch them because Bea wanted to. ("Algae Day")

Oscar was nervous about whether or not tell to Bea how he felt about her. Milo had advised him not to say anything about his feelings, but Oscar decided to tell her anyway at graduation. When Oscar confessed, Bea stopped him and told him she wasn't sure how she felt. Bea finally realized she loved him too and told him in her graduation speech. At the end of the episode, they kissed in a sunset. ("The Big Woo")

Bea's Opinion of Oscar

Bea wasn't aware of Oscar's huge crush on her for a majority of the series, despite the fact that she sometimes showed somewhat romantic feelings for him; such as when, after hearing Oscar's confession about how he was pretending to be someone he wasn't, she told him that it was stupid of him and that she preferred him the way he is ("Funny Fish").

Another example would be when Oscar tried to convince her to stay in high school and said he'd "miss her." Her friends erupted into 'awws' and her eyes became teary ("Bea Becomes an Adult Fish").


"I could just kiss you!"

When the two were scolding Milo for taking a loan from Randy and not getting a job to pay for his own concert ticket, causing them to have to pay the loan off instead for him, Bea and Oscar angrily lectured Milo. When they finished, Oscar grabbed Bea's fin getting ready to leave. She had no reaction to him holding her fin until he started blushing and she realized what was going on, letting go awkwardly. ("Dollars and Fish").

While the two genders were competing by building the best parade float Milo sends Oscar over to the girl's side in attempt to secretly drop a "stink bomb" on them but is caught;and instead of sending Oscar back to the boy's like she did with Steve Jackson early, Bea decides to keep him with her and the other girls and has him help out with their float by crocheting. Also while Milo is trying to contact Oscar over the walkies-takies to see why he was taking so long to come back; he instead hears Bea over the walkie-talkie telling him that their "stink bomb" plan failed, and Bea even says to Milo "He's our bother now". in a taunting manner and referring to Oscar being on the opposing side. Towards the end of the episode when the two floats are about to into each other; everyone as to quickly get off of their floats and get out of the way before the collision happens, Bea then says "Move your tail Oscar!" while pushing him off of the float and trying to get both him and her safely out of the way even though she could have just worried about saving only herself and left him to save himself. ("Fish Floaters").

Bea also once said that something Oscar did was kinda cute, although it was likely just to get him to do something ("Oscar Makes an Impression").

In one episode, Bea comforted Oscar, patting him lovingly, much to his happiness ("Pamela Hamster Returns").

She said she could kiss Oscar, much to his happiness, in another episode ("Halloween Haul").

When Oscar and Bea were singing "Puppy Love", They held hands and looked into eyes smiling.

Furthermore, in an episode when Bea and Oscar were distracting two guards, they were holding fins and Oscar was nervous, Bea smiled and looked at him the whole time, showing evidence that she may enjoy holding his fin ("Milo on the Lam").

Bea almost kissed Oscar after giving a speech of "the kiss of his life" to wake him up from a heartbroken coma, but Milo pulled her away because she took too long. ("Oscar's Secret Admirer")

When the girls thought that Oscar was a player, Bea made her performance of "sweet girl" inviting him to  
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Oscar and Bea hug

a date to see if it was true, so Oscar blushed and got nervous.

At the end, Bea was disguised as Angela, Oscar's girlfriend, so that Oscar wouldn't break up with her, but it all ended wrong because he wanted to kiss her. Angela came back and was angry with him, and Bea took off her disguise, ashamed. ("Oscar is a Playa")

At the prom, Bea was abandoned by Steve Jackson by accident. When Finberley announced the last dance of the night and Bea began to cry, running to the Hokey Poke, Oscar followed her. Oscar asked her to dance with him in an attempt to cheer her up, and she agreed. She kissed Oscar on the cheek and they hugged at the end of the episode ("Fish Prom" ).

When Oscar and Bea finished singing the song "Puppy Love", she called it "[their] song" because she loved singing her favorite song with him. At the end of the episode, when Oscar and Bea remained trapped in the hamster ball, Bea said that this was a perfect night because they could hear "their song" and leaned against Oscar's shoulder. ("Live at the Hamsterwood Bowl")
When Bea was dating Brandon Bubbler, she only wanted to talk about him with Oscar. She then realized that Brandon was cheating on her all this time and cried in a tree. Oscar found her and lifted her mood, so she hugged him. Finally, Shellsea asked her at the end of the episode why she didn't like Brandon anymore, and Bea said that Brandon probably wasn't the type of guy that she need, and then looked at Oscar and waved. ("Camp Camp")

Bea began to feel strong feelings for Oscar on the last episode. She was afraid of ruining their friendship and wanted advice from her parents and Shellsea. Finally, she found out that Oscar loved her all this time and admitted her feelings in her graduation speech. They later shared a blocked kiss in the sunset ("The Big Woo")


Oscar dancing with Bea.

Romantic Moments

  • Bea was acting to help Oscar escape from Clamantha inside Lover's Tank, and said that Oscar was "her man", making Oscar smile. ("Bea Stays in the Picture")
  • Oscar suggested holding hands with Bea for safety reasons to save Milo from drying out, only to have her tell him to man up. When Bea got the part for her audition, she and Oscar held hands and Oscar blushed. ("Fish Out of Water")
  • After the rupture they had, Oscar gave flowers to Bea the next day to apologize. ("Assignment: Babies")
  • After hearing Oscar's confession about the way he was acting, Bea told him that it was stupid how he acted and that she preferred him the way he is ("Funny Fish").
  • Oscar told Bea that he hoped they could always be friends and that his life wasn't supposed to go the way it was, now that he was going to pursue Angela. He and Bea hugged, Bea still completely unaware that Oscar likes her ("Send Me an Angel Fish").
  • Oscar and Bea danced at the Hokey Poke in during prom. During all of this, Oscar was going to tell Bea about his crush on her, but Bea stopped him and thanked him for making her night special, kissing him on the cheek. ("Fish Prom").
  • While Oscar dresses up as "The Earth Troll" so he can fool Milo in to finally recycling for 'Earth Day; Bea joins in on the masquerade and dresses up as "Mrs. Earth Troll", it is unknown whether it was Bea's own idea to play Oscar's pretend wife while tricking Milo or if he suggested the idea to her ("Legend of the Earth Troll")
  • Bea leans over to Oscar's shoulder during "their song". ("Live at the Hamsterwood Bowl")
  • Bea said, "You poor baby!" when he got injured, hugged him, and told him that she would never leave his side until he's healed. ("Unresolved Fishues")
  • When Bea and Shellsea were talking about the camp, Brandon Bubbler wanted to be with Bea but she rejected him because he wasn't the ideal guy before looking at Oscar with a smile and greeting him. ("Camp Camp")
  • In "Pool Party Panic", Milo confirmed that he knows about Oscar's crush, saying that everyone was waiting for something to happen between them.
  • While Bea was dancing with Oscar an the Hokey Pokey, she said that she was having the best time ever and that it was magical. Then, she took Oscar's hands and told him that he is a real sweetheart. ("Milo in a Cup").
  • After Bea told Shellsea about how she and Michael are compatible and should date since they were best friends, Oscar commented by saying "Sometimes the best thing to do is date your best friend". Bea then looked at Oscar curiously, and he looked down shyly, replying, "Nothing". ("I Have This Friend").
  • They had a couple of chances of kissing or going out together, but they were always interrupted. ("Halloween Haul"); (Oscar's Secret Admirer); ("Oscar is a Playa"); ("Live at the Hamsterwood Bowl"); ("The Big Woo").
  • When Oscar was giving Bea an example of a graduation speech for advice, Bea was looking at him while her eyes were shining, getting lost in what he was saying about how "it's time for everything to change." ("The Big Woo").
  • When Oscar and Bea were sitting in the park eating cupcakes, Bea asked him why he is so sweet to her all the time, but he denied this shyly. ("The Big Woo")
  • Bea told Oscar her feelings for him in her graduation speech in front of the whole school after he told her that he loves her. At the end of the episode, they shared a blocked kiss in a sunset. ("The Big Woo").


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