Pamela Hamster is a gerbil who lives in Hamsterwood. She has pink hair and is famous for her roles on TV. She is very friendly and enjoys acting. She was dating Milo after "Hooray for Hamsterwood" until "Bea Dates Milo". She was known as a hamster to most fish and hamsters, but was revealed to be a gerbil in "Pamela Hamster Returns". She is voiced in English by guest star, Sabrina Bryan. In Latin America she is voiced by Agostina Longo.

Personal Life

Pamela Hamster is an actress in her hometown, Hamsterwood, and is very popular. She fell in love with Milo when she met him, even though he was wearing a hamster costume, when he went into her office and impressed her. Pamela and Milo started dating as of this episode ("Hooray for Hamsterwood"). Pamela reappeared when she decided to visit Milo in Freshwater. She and Milo were talking to each other on the computer, when she told Milo she's coming to visit him. Milo took all the water out from the tanks so Pamela wouldn't find out that he is a fish. Milo took Pamela to dinner, which was where she found out Milo was a fish and revealed she was actually a gerbil. Pamela has been in shows filmed in Hamsterwood such as "Hamster School Musical", "Hamsters of Hamsterly Place", and "Secret Teen Witch Hamster" ("Pamela Hamster Returns"). It is revealed that she broke up with Milo in "Bea Dates Milo".

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