Pass, Punt, and Fumble are Jocktopus' friends and main henchmen or assistants who act as his gang.


Pass, Punt, and Fumble are the closest friends of Jocktopus at Freshwater High. Aside from him, they are the only bullies of the school, along with Piranhica. None of them are very bright, although Punt seems to be the smartest. Punt is the biggest and strongest of the trio, Punt is the smallest, and Fumble is the least intelligent of them.

Personal Life

Pass, Punt, and Fumble are shown to be part of the football team. When Oscar ran away after Jocktopus told him that he was going to beat him up, he ran into Pass, Punt and Fumble. They threatened Oscar by throwing him across the hall ("Funny Fish"). It is revealed that Oscar is their tutor. They also cannot feed themselves ("Dollars and Fish").

At the "Potatoes for Winter" play, Pass, Punt and Fumble taunted Jocktopus for the majority of the play. Jocktopus was shown to be furious at them for teasing him, and once even threw Razor at them, failing to hit the three. Bea got rid of Pass, Punt and Fumble by stuffing potatoes inside Dan Chovie's mouth and shooting them down with potatoes ("Fish School Musical"). Every Halloween, Pass, Punt, and Fumble help Jocktopus steal candy. Because of this, Oscar told everyone to trick-or-treat outside the tank once. Jocktopus caught up with them, and used Pass, Punt and Fumble for his own needs. He put Punt in place of a flat tire on Randy's wagon and forced Pass and Fumble to push it ("Halloween Haul").

Background Information

  • None of them knows what a book is ("Dollars and Fish").
  • Pass is blue in the opening theme.
  • They are possibly damselfish, due to their barbaric behavior.
  • Fumble likes raspberry cake.


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