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Species: Piranha
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hometown: Buds Pets
Friends and Family
Steve Jackson
Love interests:
Jocktopus (boyfriend)


| first ="Bea Stays in the Picture"
(Non-speaking cameo) | voice =Laura Ortiz

Piranhica is Jocktopus' girlfriend and assistant. She is a green fish with blonde hair tied into pigtails and a tooth on the bottom of her mouth.


Piranhica is deceiving and a bully like Jocktopus, however, unlike Jocktopus, she's smart. She's intimidating and loves provoking others. She hates nerds like Albert and Jumbo and doesn't like people who are annoying, shown in Fishbook and in "Happy Birthfish, Jocktopus".

Personal Life

Piranhica first spoke when Jocktopus' birthday came. She told the nervous line of students that Jocktopus can smell fear. When Sunny gave Jocktopus money, Piranhica took the money and told Jocktopus it was totally worthless. At the end, when Jocktopus started beating himself up, Piranhica came and told him he embarrasses her and gave him a dreamy look. Jocktopus told her to stay out of it ("Happy Birthfish, Jocktopus"). She was on the girls team of the Homecoming float competition. When Oscar was about to sabotage the girl's float, Piranhica spotted him. Piranhica and Jocktopus were seen kissing later in the episode ("Fish Floaters"). She was shown taunting Oscar with Randy Pincherson on Oscar's morning announcements ("Good Morning, Freshwater").

She is shown to be working at Carla's Secret, although she is later shown quitting, causing Oscar and Milo to work there ("Employee Discount"). When Jocktopus was about to go near Bea at the "Potatoes for Winter" play, Piranhica, who was in the audience, yelled to Jocktopus to stay away from Bea ("Fish School Musical").



Jocktopus and Piranhica holding hands in "Big Fish".

Jocktopus and Piranhica were seen together at the Student Council school dance. Jocktopus was showing off his muscles to Piranhica and they were then seen dancing together to Clamantha's band sign-off song ("Queen Bea "). Piranhica was aside of Jocktopus when the students were in line to give Jocktopus his present. Later when Jocktopus was beating himself up, Piranhica told Jocktopus that he was embarrassing her and then called him her big dreamy hunk, causing him to tell her to stay out of it ("Happy Birthfish, Jocktopus"). The two were crowned King and Queen of homecoming and were seen kissing on top of the float ("Fish Floaters"). They were seen at the movies together in "Two Clams in Love".

Jocktopus and Piranhica kissing.

The couple broke up in "Break Up, Shake Down" after Jocktopus forgot their anniversary. Bea and her friends tried to cheer up Piranhica, while Oscar, Milo, Jumbo and Albert did the same with Jocktopus. They eventually got back together at the end of the episode. Piranica broke up with Jocktopus again in "All Fins On Deck", but she was later seen dancing with him. Their relationship problems were seen again in "Brothers' Day", when they both were in detention. Piranhica was mad at Jocktopus because he didn't notice the highlights in her hair. She forgave him at the end of the episode and they kissed.

Background Information


  • Piranhica's name was from "Piranha" and "Veronica."
  • Piranhica is rarely seen without her pink purse.
  • There's a poster of her in Jocktopus' locker.
  • She is the only female enemy on "Freshwater Bounce".
  • She likes bunnies ("Good Morning, Freshwater").
  • She is seen in early promotional pictures for the show, however, she was an extremely minor character in the show, having a majority of her appearances as cameos and only 4 episodes where she spoke in Season 1.
  • Despite her size, she is shown to be incredibly strong, capable of knocking out a full grown eel with one punch ("Break Up Shake Down").
  • Her mother does not approve of Jocktopus.
  • When she does not get what she wants, she makes a kitten face.
  • She knows about a lot about money and is rich according to her Fishbook.
  • In human form, Piranhica resembles Nancy from Big City Greens.

    Veronica (left) and Nancy (right)