Right By Your Side
Oscar and Bea dancing slowly.
Song by Susanna Benn
Length: 2:47
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Right By Your Side is a song from "Fish Prom". Bea was crying for not having her dance, but finally, Oscar offered to dance with her.


Swimming here in circles
Lost in thoughts of you
Picturing a moment
And wishing it were true

I thought that you were mine
But then you slipped away
And now I just want you to hear
These words I have to say

All I ever want to be
Is by your side

Caught up in the currents
My heart is sinking fast
Dropping like an anchor
Broken like a glass

Sunlight streams through water
But fades to darkest blue
Cause now I'm left here wondering
Just how I'll make it through

When all I ever want to be
Is by your side

Swimming here in circles
Hold me, oh so tight
There's no place I'd rather be
Than in your arms tonight

Let's leave the past behind
And dance beneath the stars
Then we'll laugh at why we took
So long to come this far

When all I ever want to be
Is by your side

...Right By Your Side...❤

Background Information

  • This song has appeared too on the last episode ("The Big Woo").


Written and composed by Maxwell Atoms, Damon Criswell, and Andrew Sturmer.


Tumblr n9ge0gF9sN1sbvppco8 400

Bea giving a kiss to Oscar on the cheek.


Bea: "Shellsea is right... I need a milkshake... I need a milkshake right now! (She ran away to the Hockey Poke)

Oscar: "Bea?" (He follow her and He found her)

Oscar: "So, I guess tonight was just kinda all around cruddy, huh?"

Bea: "Yeah tell me about it. I thought it was going to be the perfect night... In fact it was supposed to be the perfect night, It's Prom!... And the worse part, I never even got my dance!" (She started to crying)

Oscar: "This is supposed to the most important night of our lives! And I won't let your memories go down this way! You will not go without a dance milady, because... I will give you that dance!"

Bea: "Um what? Really?"

Oscar: "I-I-I mean I don't want to be weird, you know? ...S-Sorry, I know I always come off weird..."

Bea: "No not at all! I mean, A dance with you actually sounds... Really Nice"

Oscar stuck a fin out, but he pulled it back in. Then, he repeated the process.

Oscar: "Um, I'm not really sure what to do"

Bea looked at him with tenderness, and took Oscar's fins and puts them on her waist. Then she placed her fins in his shoulders, both smiling to each other. They started to dancing during the song.

Oscar: "H-Hey Bea... There's something I've been wanting to say for a really long time..." (Bea pulled away and saw him with a gentle smile)

Bea: "Shh... Oscar, thank you for the dance. You really made tonight special" (She kissed him on the cheek)

They hugged.

Oscar's thoughts: "This is the Best Prom Ever!"


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