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Run, Oscar, Run
Oscar desperately wants to get to school.
Season: 1
Production code: 118a
Broadcast: 35
Disney Channel US premiere: August 12, 2011
International debut: September 17, 2011 (Disney Channel Czech Republic)

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Paired: Mascotastrophe
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Why would you record an inspirational wake-up call as soft as possible?

— Oscar, yelling at Milo

Oscar is being honored with an award for perfect attendance and, unfortunately, Milo and Bea get the trio into a predicament, preventing Oscar from being there, but Oscar is determined to make it back on time and get his award.

Episode Summary




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Running Gags

Bud's Pets &...

  • Misdem-Eanors

Memorable Quotes

Fish Cop: Oh, so what we have here is some loose driving sallys, huh?

Oscar: Uhhh...
Fish Cop: Some fun time frankies, huh?
Oscar: Uhhh...
Fish Cop: Some laugh it up larrys, huh?
Fish Cop: Some good time charlies, huh?
Fish Cop: Some giggling garrys, huh?
Fish Cop: Some riding around in my fancy car thinking I'm the coolest kids in the world Beckys, huh?
Oscar: Siirrr...
Fish Cop: You sassin' me, boy?
Oscar: No, no, of course not!
Bea: I'm sorry, but we really need to hurry, because we're late for school!
Fish Cop: Oh, so what we have here is some sass-backing Margarets, huh? Some...
Milo: You don't understand! There is a certificate with words on it at stake here!

Fish Cop: Are you touching me?
Bea: Objection, your honor!
Oscar: I'm innocent, I tells ya!
Milo: The butler did it!
Judge Fish: Can't argue with that. Not guilty!
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Background Information

Production Information


  • At the end of the episode, when Oscar officially recieves his Perfect Attendance Award, Clamantha is at one of the desks. But in the next and final scene, she's in prison.
  • Oscar should of known he should not of stole the wheel from Clamantha, since he has already got his driver's license ("Riding in Cars with Fish").
  • Strangely, Clamantha's steering wheel continues to move even when nothing (not even Clamantha's tongue) is touching it.



  • The title is a parody of Run, Lola, Run; and "Run, Candace, Run" from Phineas and Ferb.
  • The title is also a parody of Run, Joey Run from David Geddes.
  • Happy Tree Friends: The closing iris stopping on Clamantha and continuing afterwards is a possible parody of how the closing iris works in Happy Tree Friends.
  • Go Diego Go: The episode name is a parody to the show's name.


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