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Randy tell us everyone that the headmaster of the school is an evil wizard.
Season: 2
Production code: 206b
Broadcast: 51
Disney Channel US premiere: January 27, 2012
International debut: TBA
Paired: "Rock Lobster Yeti"

Randy Pincherson spoils a movie for everyone. At the Hokey Poke, Milo and his friends are fed up Randy spoiling their good times without regard for their feeling, so they hatch a plan to give Randy a taste of his own medicine, but their plan backfires.

Episode Summary

When Oscar and the students of Freshwater went to see a movie Randy Pincherson spoils it by saying the big question in the movie the students depressed then,Oscar stands up for himself by making Randy tell the movie he wanted then Oscar and the students made a copyright of Randy's favorite upcoming movie Spacecrab 2 Milo gave Randy a preview which Randy rejected and reclined then Randy gave suggestion which he accepted then when the movie started Oscar see hisself in Randy so Oscar went to the back of the screen to let it continue then,Albert said "Fish you CRAZY" so Bea said they didn't finish the movie In The End,The Movie was a success and Oscar blurted out that it was a copyright so Randy insisted to be in the new copyright of Spacecrab 3 so Oscar did it on 1 condition to never spoil something again and Randy vow to never spoil something.

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Memorable Quotes

Randy: The headmaster of the school is really the evil wizard in disguise! Ha ha ha ha ah!

Thinking of the things Randy spoiled
Finberly: Oh, secret sandwich, what will you be today?
Randy: Ham.
Finberly: Randy!
Albert: Happy birthday.
Jumbo: (giggles) I wonder what it could be.
Randy: (walks by and rips the wrapper off) It's a harmonica!
Jumbo and Albert: Randy!
Mr. Baldwin: (snoring) Wh... What the...
Randy: You're having all girls!
Mr. Baldwin: Randy!


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  • Space Crab movie is a parody of Star Wars.


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