{{Infobox song


Provides an information box for songs.


Values are as follows:

Parameter Explanation
name Name to display at the top of the Infobox. {{PAGENAME}} should be used in most situations in case the page has to be moved to a new name.
image The name of the picture to be displayed, without the brackets or the "File:" prefix. Size is fixed at 200px, so images in a 4:3 aspect ratio are preferred over widescreen images.

Example:   RunawayHit.jpg
instead of: [[File:RunawayHit.jpg]]
If the picture is not specified, it will use No Screenshot 2.png as a default.

caption Caption for the picture.
band Used in the "Song by" orange divider.
band2 Used in the "Chronology" orange divider. Can be a different name or the same as the band parameter.
album The album the song appears on.
released The release date of the song.
performed The venue the song was performed at.
genre The genre(s) of the song.
label The record label the song was published under.
length The length of the song.
previous The band's previous song.
after The band's next song.
(The current song is defaulted to the page's name.)
video A video for the song. The full code to the video must be included, whether it is with the <youtube> command, or the Video-youtube and Video-wiki templates. For the templates, use the "def" parameter to set the video size at 200px to fit inside this Infobox.

Values marked with will not be displayed in the Infobox if they are empty or if that line is missing.

Whenever it is necessary to specify more than one item, use the line breaks as follows:
        [[page 1]]<br> [[page 2]]
        instead of:
        [[page 1]]<br>
        [[page 2]]

The vertical spacing between the items will be different if they are put on separate lines as shown above. By keeping them on the same line, the vertical spacing will look correct. The explanation for the "image" parameter in the table above shows both the extra spacing and the normal spacing.


Infobox song
All girls singing
Song by Bea, Shellsea, Finberley, Clamantha, Esmargot
Length: 0:32
Previous: None
Current: Infobox song
Next: Friends
{{Infobox song
|caption=All girls singing
|band=[[Bea Goldfishberg|Bea]], [[Shellsea]], [[Finberley]], [[Clamantha]], [[Esmargot]]
|video=<youtube width=200 height=150>NAMENybiQWg</youtube>

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