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The Tale of Sir Oscar Fish
Milo, Bea, Oscar, and Fake Oscar
Season: 1
Production code: 108b
Broadcast: 15
Story by: Tim McKeon
Disney Channel US premiere: December 17, 2010
Paired: "Hooray for Hamsterwood"
Itunes: i=408971618&id=388709996
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When Oscar is late for school and got knocked out, he is transferred to another tank which he thinks is a dream. Meanwhile, Milo and Bea try to find Oscar and on the way run into a lot of Oscar-looking fish.

Episode Summary

Oscar has a bad day at school: he could not speak in public, he got beaten up by Jocktopus, and he could not give Bea love gifts, and at home he told Milo that he's tired of life and fear. Downstairs, Oscar hides under his bed covers and writes in his diary, "Dear diary, today was awful. But not for Sir Oscar Fish the Brave! He had no problems. He spoke publicly... without fear! And he conquered monsters... without fear! And he was awesome with the ladies... without fear!" Oscar sighed and wished silently that he wanted it all to be real, then fell asleep. The next day he overslept and missed the bus. Soon he was chasing the bus. And in his hurry, he tripped and hit a stop sign, and was knocked unconscious. When he regained consciousness, he became worried about missing school, and told himself that he would tell Mr. Baldwin that he got lost. Suddenly, Oscar spotted a castle, a baby unicorn, and became confused. Meanwhile, Milo and Bea are looking for Oscar and find a verson of Oscar with a big red nose, who explains that Oscar crashed into the stop sign, floated to the top, and was carried away, but moved, and was sent into a tank with a castle.

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Running Gags

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Background Information

  • This is the fourth Oscar themed episode ("Doris Flores Gorgeous"; "Happy Birthfish, Jocktopus"; "Funny Fish").
  • In the scene where Oscar and the Milo look-alike went to save the princess, it was assumed that the princess Oscar thought of would look like Bea but instead look like Clamatha.


  • This is the first time Mr. Baldwin does not speak in an episode.



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