Yearbook Office
The door to the Year Book office.
Location: Freshwater High
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Bea Stays in the Picture
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The Yearbook Office is where Clamantha edits and completes the Freshwater High yearbook. It is possibly located in the same hall as Clamantha's and Oscar's locker. Inside, there is a door locked with a five digit password: OSCAR. This was the chosen code because of Clamantha's love for Oscar. Past that door is a full fledged booby trapped obstacle course, complete with pearl-shooting fish-busts that are set off by a tripwire. If you by chance swim over the string, fish hooks are dangerously swung left and right from the top. At the end of the hall is the computer editing room, protected by cutting lasers. Each laser quickly turns on from top to bottom. Inside the room is a large hard drive that can scan all pictures taken with the Clamera into the computer to be put into the yearbook easily. It is possible that there is an on and off switch for Clamantha to easily go through and to prevent trespassers.

In the Series

This room first appeared in the first episode, Bea Stays in the Picture, where Bea doesn't like her school photo and tries to get it back. In this episode, Bea sends Oscar to distract Clamantha while she and Milo retrieve her picture. They are faced with all of the obstacles listed above, but quickly overcome them. She calls Oscar to get Clamantha's password. Milo then sets off all the traps, but Bea carries him through. In a high speed effort, Bea pulls Milo out from under the laser beams. He almost makes it through unscathed, but the back part of his pants wear sheared off, revealing his underwear. There, she shows Milo her picture, but he tells her its just an average beautiful picture and she looks fine. They get out of the room, and she thanks him for helping him.



Bea Stays in the Picture (First appearance)